No one can deny our lives are in a constant state of flux with the on and off lockdowns we are experiencing.

Many will suggest that we don’t have it so bad, as others, particularly those in third-world countries are starving because they can’t work and can’t get out to eat, not to mention those who actually get sick with no access to appropriate medical treatment.

It’s tempting to hear those stories, and concede that we don’t have it so bad. And whilst that is true, it fails to acknowledge that no matter the extent of loss, we are still experiencing some degree of pain and suffering and I think it’s actually unhealthy to deny that.

We do need to acknowledge that others have it tougher than us, but at the same time not invalidate our own feelings. Bottling them up will only cause them to come back up at a later stage and often more acutely.

Give your feelings air time.

Process them.

Talk to someone about it.

Just the very act of sharing can itself be therapeutic.

But don’t dwell.

Deal with it and move on.

Then work out what you can do to help make someone else’s life better.