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Women waiting for food supplies in Juba
19 July 2021
On top of 10 months of lockdowns, Melbourne is now in its fifth lockdown.While we may be in the same storm, we are not in the same boat. “We are not all in the same boat.We are all in the same storm.Some have super-yachts.Some have...
Who can you trust?
11 May 2021
When we see suffering and injustice, we all want to make a difference. How can you sure that your support will help? Spontaneous giving decisions are often driven by emotional pressures and unconscious biases rather than sound logic and good research.  Like any investment, we...
Woman reading at dinner table
9 October 2020
Do you feel like charities are asking for your money every other day?  It seems every week there is a campaign with a another coloured ribbon.  You can’t walk through a shopping centre without being accosted by someone with a clipboard, and every intersection has...
One young woman pushing into two other young women
9 October 2020
How do you know, when you give money to a charity, that it is going to be used the way they represented?  It seems all too often we hear about this foundation or that NGO with corrupt leadership, or charities who spend so much on...
Looking at back of young girl with teddy bear
28 September 2020
Wasn’t slavery abolished in 1865? Surely there aren’t any slaves today. Unfortunately there are considered to be between 2.5million and 25million slaves today depending on your definition. Bonded labour, forced migrant labour, child labour, sex slavery, forced marriage and child marriage are all more common...