Our investment process is a precise and effective opportunity 

Your investment Process

Our Investment Process

Investor Application

Information Memorandum
Investment entity
Investment mandate
Investment preference

Market Due Diligence

Macro-economic assessment
Property valuation
Application process

Investor Acceptance

Verification of identity
Confirmation of wholesale / sophisticated status
Compliance review

Credit/Risk Assessment

We screen for: Quality asset
Viable project
Strong sponsor
Feasible exit strategy

Account Activation

Funds deposited and units issued
Relationship Manager assigned
Risk profile assigned

Investment Committee Approval

Consideration of strengths and
weaknesses, risks and mitigants
Compliance with Credit Policy
Imposition of conditions

Portfolio Construction

Investment opportunities presented
Diversified portfolio constructed
Ongoing reporting

Investment Settlement

Satisfaction of conditions precedent
Security documentation
Legal sign-off

Portfolio Reviews*

Continuing investment opportunities
Regular reviews and rebalancing
Forward allocation of returning investments

Investment Management

Dedicated Loan Manager
Ongoing monitoring and reporting
Regular reviews

* Portfolio reviews are intended to be general advice only, as we do not take into consideration any individual circumstances. Investors should seek professional advice prior to making any investment decisions.