Risk Governance & Compliance

Investment Committee

Payton has a number of risk and compliance committees which are integral to ensuring prudent risk management practices are observed and that the risk management obligations of our Funds are met.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is responsible for evaluating and approving lending proposals in accordance with the Firm’s fund mandates having reference to prevailing market conditions, risk appetite and credit policy and guidelines.

The Investment Committee meets weekly or more frequently if required and comprises both executive and non-executive members or delegates including the Chief Executive Officer Chair, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Independent Responsible Manager.

In addition, the Investment Committee monitors and maintains oversight over the Asset Management Committee responsible for loan remediation and recovery and the Funds Management Committee responsible for portfolio allocation and liquidity.  It also oversees valuation policy which governs property valuation procedures including the appointment of property valuers and quantity surveyors to Payton’s approved panels.

Risk & Compliance Committee

The Risk & Compliance Committee includes Members of our Senior Management & Executive team.

The Committee meets at least four times a year and is responsible for ensuring compliance with Payton’s licensing and regulatory obligations and that prudent risk management practices exist and are followed across the Firm.  More specifically, the Committee oversees and monitors the effectiveness, adequacy, and maturity of Payton’s:

  1. Risk management framework identifying, assessing, mitigating/controlling, and monitoring risks impacting, or which may impact, Payton and its fund management activities;
  2. Risk and compliance policies, procedures, systems, and resources; and
  3. Risk awareness and culture which set and shape the Firm’s collective approach to managing enterprise-wide risks and making well considered and prudent risk decisions.