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Investment and
Compliance Committees

Investment Committee

Payton’s Investment Committee is made up of senior members of Payton, including three Directors (two independent), the CEO, the CFO, and the Head of Investment. The Investment Committee is integral to the risk management and compliance processes of our Funds. It is responsible for evaluating and approving funding opportunities in accordance with Payton’s Credit Policy. The Investment Committee is also responsible for reviewing and approving the spread and range of investments in our Pooled Fund to ensure it maintains its diversified risk profile and complies with its investment policy.

The Investment Committee considers the state of financial, credit and property markets, and the economy in general. Based on this economic analysis, it will consider and recommend changes to Payton’s Credit Policy to the Board.

The Investment Committee oversees the Collections Sub-Committee, which manages any loans in default and recommends recovery strategies to the Investment Committee. Once approved, the Collections Committee will manage any recovery action.

Risk & Compliance Committee

The Risk & Compliance Committee is made up of at least 4 senior members of Payton, including an AFSL Responsible Manager, the CEO, the CFO and the Financial Controller. Committee reports are prepared and presented by the Legal and Compliance Manager. The Committee meets at least 6 times per year, and its role is threefold:

  1. Ensure compliance with all of Payton’s AFSL conditions, and adherence to all relevant legislation more generally.

  2. Oversee the risk management framework and in doing so, identify, assess, mitigate and monitor any material risks arising within Payton.

  3. Review, assess, and if necessary, create, Payton’s compliance policies, procedures and frameworks.