At Payton, we believe we have a responsibility to harness our success to help improve the lives of people, wherever they are in the world. 20% of our profits go directly to the Payton Foundation, which funds projects that transform the lives of vulnerable people, both in Australia and in developing countries.

Project Partner Criteria

Rather than “re-inventing the wheel”, Payton Foundation partners with well established organisations already doing great work and supports them with finance and professional support.  We focus on projects that bring transformation through, education/training, housing and health.  Partnering with local organisations, we develop personal relationships to ensure that resources are deployed appropriately. We choose partners who demonstrate integrity, transparency and accountability in financial management.

Project Partners

Our aim is to provide support and education for the whole person, to effect the long term relief of poverty in body, soul and spirit.

Below are some of the projects that we support.

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Click to watch Child Rescue video

It’s hard to believe that in today’s society, slavery is more prevalent than at any time in history.  ZOE has been combating child trafficking in Thailand since 2002.  They work with the government and law enforcement in Thailand to legally rescue children and shut down the trafficker’s operations.  When rescued, the children stay in Zoe’s safe houses and begin the long process of rehabilitation.  This includes schooling, counselling, mentoring and vocational training.  Zoe’s Vocational Training Program is to equip rescued child trafficking victims with the skills they need to access jobs.  This will reduce their vulnerability to re-trafficking.  This program caters to children who cannot attend regular school because they are still in danger or in witness protection, or simply have never attended a structured school before.  Click on the photo of the welder to the left to see the video.  Payton Foundation is committed to funding the AUD $55,000 pa required, but we need your help

The Babes Project provides support to young women having a crisis pregnancy ensuring they are connected to essential services and providing the social, emotional and practical support they need. The crisis might arise because they are teenage mums, or experiencing family violence or have mental health issues or involved in drugs/alcohol abuse.  The Babes Project support these women from the beginning of their pregnancy through to 12 months after birth (the peri-natal period).  Over 400 women across Victoria have been supported through their pregnancy and early parenting journey through their Pregnancy Support Centres in Croydon and Frankston but this need is growing.  We need your support to help them hire more staff to care for these women in crisis.  We are looking for a corporate sponsor for each month.  $20,000 includes social media recognition and a stakeholder event.

Fusion provide support to at risk youth on the Mornington Peninsula including accommodation for homeless youth and education and support programs in schools.  Operating out of a converted WW2 army barracks in MtMartha, it started 30 years ago in response to the death of a homeless boy in Melbourne who was sleeping in a dumpster when it was collected.  Today they need support to fund a youth worker to try to prevent homelessness before it happens.  They need $2,000 pm for this vital work.

We are also working with Fusion on planning the construction of accommodation for single mums at risk of being homeless, due to family violence or other reasons.  This will require $1.5M in 2020.

Palm Island camp photo July 2017 3 kids

SOS Health - Palm Island Qld

SOS Health works to improve the health of disadvantaged people in Australia, including those in remote indigenous communities. By mobilising allied health professionals they provide medical support, a variety of specialist health services, as well as access to education to some of the neediest people in the country. Payton Foundation provides funds to support SOS Health in this invaluable work on Palm Island which includes a Physio Clinic as well as monthly Cultural Heritage Walks/Camps to pass on knowledge from the elders to the kids.  

Mama Obed Children’s Home in Nairobi was set up after the conflict in 2007 resulted in 30,000 orphans. Mama Obed’s rescued 24 children after the riots who had nobody to care for them. Payton Foundation is partnering with Mama Obed’s in a chicken farm micro-enterprise that will generate sustainable income for feeding, clothing and educating the children. 

The first 3 of 6 sheds have now been built, successfully growing 10,000 chickens every 6 weeks.  We plan to build the remaining sheds in 2019 and we are looking for partners to help fund the AUD $60,000 required.

The goal of the Watoto Neighbourhood Mothers program is to support Ugandan women who are caring for childern in extreme circumstances.  Many of whom are HIV+ and victims of abuse. Watoto endeavour to restore dignity to these women, providing food, clothing, shelter and medical care, HIV/AIDS care, as well as spiritual and moral discipleship.  In addition, they teach these women skills that will help them earn a living and break the cycle of vulnerability.  Payton Foundation provides support to buy equipment to help graduates start their own income-generating enterprises.

Watoto have recently expanded the program over the border into South Sudan, and the demand is more than they can cope with.  These people desperately need our help.  We aim to raise $50,000 in 2019.   

Get involved

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