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We believe we have a responsibility to harness our success to help improve the lives of people, wherever they are in the world. As a result, Payton Capital donated 20% of its shares to the Payton Foundation, with substantial dividends flowing to the Foundation each quarter.

Helping you change lives

At Payton, we believe that as your personal wealth increases it is important to increase your giving. By increasing your giving, you maintain a thankful life perspective, you increase in love and you expand your heart. Giving is good for you.

Charity partners

By partnering with charities who demonstrate integrity, transparency, accountability in financial management and proven results, we aim to provide support for the whole person to effect long term relief of poverty and suffering.

We are a philanthropic foundation that partners with charities and investors to help transform the lives of the poor and the vulnerable.

Rather than ‘re-inventing the wheel’, we partner with well established organisations already doing great work and support them with the resources to make it happen. We focus on projects that bring transformation through: education/training, housing and health.

Partnering with local organisations, we develop personal relationships to ensure that resources are deployed appropriately. We choose partners who demonstrate integrity, transparency and accountability in financial management. And we stay close to them keeping them accountable so you can trust that your gifts are being used effectively.

Our aim is to provide support and education for the whole person, to affect the long-term relief of poverty in body, soul and spirit.

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Provide the start up capital for a small business 

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