Go Beyond Giving ~ Connect

Nothing beats seeing the need and meeting the people face to face. We regularly visit our charity partners in Australia, Asia and Africa and we love taking friends with us. Talk to us about coming along.

Overseas immersion trips are the best way to see the need and meet the people. If you haven’t been to a developing country before, it will really expand your horizons.

Varying in cost and length, we will take you to see who we are helping. You won’t come back the same.

Go Beyond Giving ~ Connect

Ask us about our upcoming trips – foundation@payton.com.au

  • Northern Territory – 31st July – 7th August 2024.
  • Thailand – 18th – 26th of September, 2024.
  • Uganda – TBC 2025
  • Philippines – February 2025
  • Kenya – TBC

Use your Influence

You probably take it for granted that you have the ability to influence people in your networks (friends, family, colleagues, staff, clients, suppliers).

What doors are you able to open for charities that they can’t?

  • make an introduction to the right person,
  • negotiate a better deal on behalf of a charity,
  • promote a charity fundraiser from your platform,
  • add credibility to an application,
  • ask suppliers to donate goods

These actions would cost you nothing but may be priceless to the charity.

Payton Gala 2022 Response cards

Lend Your Expertise

Charities struggle to get skilled professionals to advise without having to pay them. Typical professions needed include:

  • Legal
  • Accounting/bookkeeping
  • Medical practitioners (for health related charities)
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • HR
  • Policy writing
  • Compliance
  • IT specialists
  • Project management
Lend Your Expertise

Volunteer Your Time

Your time is precious and can be precious to those you give it too. You can volunteer in your area of expertise, or step out and learn a new skill from them.

  • Board roles
  • Pro bono advisory
  • Regular roster
  • Occassional events
  • Corporate days
  • Hold a fundraiser

Relationships are more rewarding than money. Get to know the people you are helping.

Shirley and Sandra - Volunteer your time

Use your Resources

You may have an asset that you could allow a charity to use:

  • office space, meeting rooms, hot desk
  • event spaces
  • storage facilities
  • host a fundraiser on your boat
  • provide a rental property at half rent
  • transport
  • IT infrastructure
  • surplus furniture
Use Your Resources

How can we help?

We are in contact with charities on a daily basis and they are telling us what they need.

Talk to us about what you’d like to do and we’ll connect you with a charity who needs you.

How can we help?

Current needs?

The Babes Project needs:

  • Nannas to volunteer once a fortnight to help facilitate a lunch session with young mums. Just come and share your parenting wisdom and hold babies
  • Board members with influence who can raise funds from their personal or corporate networks

CHIPS needs:

  • volunteers to help buddy up with children attending iBelong days and Life Gets Better Camps

Fusion needs:

  • volunteers to help in the op-shop
  • people to help maintain the MT Martha property on monthly working bees

Kids Hope needs:

  • a Treasurer

Evolve Help Ukraine needs:

  • volunteers to help with monthly community lunches

Fusion needs:

  • housing at half rent. They will manage the tenants, they just need affordable homes for homeless people for short term leases
Current needs?
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