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About Us

Payton Capital is a specialist wealth management firm. The partnerships we build with our clients form the core of our business. Underpinning these close relationships is a thorough understanding of our clients’ situation and goals, which is fundamental to their ongoing financial success.

About Us

Company Story

Payton Capital is a specialist wealth management firm. The partnerships we build with our clients form the core of our business. Underpinning these close relationships is a thorough understanding of our clients’ situation and goals, which is fundamental to their ongoing financial success.

With our specialist knowledge of the property and credit asset classes, we craft private banking, finance and investment solutions that suit our clients’ needs. We ensure the bona fides of every investment and consistently deliver above average fixed interest returns without compromising capital security.

By crafting investments this way, we’ve been delivering on our promises for over 50 years. If you’d like to grow with us, we’d love to hear from you.

Payton. Crafting Wealth. Changing Lives.



If you’re looking for an investment opportunity with above-average fixed returns, Payton provides an outstanding personalised service. Our wholesale investment management services include:

  • investment consulting, management and trustee services;
  • high-grade, property-backed wholesale investment opportunities; and
  • self-managed superannuation strategies and management.

We manage your investments with a risk profile to suit your comfort level and return expectations. There’s great peace of mind in knowing that your investment is secured by actual bricks and mortar that you can see and feel.


I’ve been investing with Payton for nearly 20 years. I love that I can consistently achieve double-digit returns without compromising capital security.

George Steeger – Steeger Manufacturing

The most important thing I have found with working with Payton is trust, honesty and reliability.

Don Boulter

Payton offer us the opportunity to hold property backed private mortgage investments in our own names, providing reliable and safe fixed monthly returns. We have peace of mind knowing the whole process is actively managed on our behalf.

Tony Crook – Steer Inc.



Against a backdrop of challenging bank credit conditions and regulatory uncertainty, today’s borrowers are looking for peace of mind more than ever. We deliver this through our simple, fast, competitive and tailored finance solutions. Our private mortgage loans are secured by real estate across the eastern seaboard of Australia.

With strong property security, we are able to lend up to a loan-to-value ratio of 75%. Our pricing is matched to the overall transaction risk, with interest rates starting as low as 7% p.a. 

In addition to the above we have a specialist understanding of structured finance for property developers to assist them in maximizing their return on equity and managing risk. These options include land banking, mezzanine and private equity funding up to 90% of Total Development Cost (TDC) for select projects. 


The main benefits of working with Payton have been the turnaround times and strength of relationship. We trust Payton because when we engage with a transaction, the final result always equals what we discussed, there’s no hidden factors.

Tony Fly – CFO Mainline Group

Our sincere thanks for everything you have done to help make this day a reality, and for having faith in us when things didn’t come together as planned. You put our hearts and minds at ease immediately, and I cannot thank you enough for all you have done.

David Liebich, Managing Director InFlight Graphics Pty Ltd

Having worked with Payton for over 8 years, we value their depth of expertise in structured finance and ability. We draw upon their market insights to workshop development opportunities. Payton assist us in selecting and managing high quality and complex property developments and allow us to consistently deliver premium developments.

Michael Elliott – Evergrande

Payton Foundation


At Payton, we believe we have a responsibility to harness our success to help improve the lives of people, wherever they are in the world. 20% of our profits go directly to Payton Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that exists to relieve poverty and meet the needs of vulnerable people, both in Australia and in developing countries.

Payton Foundation supports these projects with a focus on micro-enterprise, micro-finance, education and training. We finance these initiatives through donations and investment. Partnering with local organisations, we develop personal relationships to ensure the most effective management of resources. We choose well-established partners who demonstrate integrity, transparency and accountability in financial management.

Project Partners

Our aim is to provide support and education for the whole person, to effect the long term relief of poverty in body, soul and spirit.

Below are some examples of projects that we support.


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