Knowing which Charity and solutions to donate to, is a difficult task.We’ve put together our giving recommendations to help you get started.

Donate based on evidence, not marketing

Spontaneous giving decisions are often driven by emotional pressures and unconscious biases rather than sound logic and good research.

We look for charities with a reliance on evidence, which demonstrate integrity, transparency and accountability in financial management but have clear funding gaps.

Local expertise matters

Locally-led non-profit’s are best placed to tackle the social injustices in their local setting; they have the expertise in language, culture and connection, typically make entrepreneurial decisions and can operate faster and more cost-effectively. When needs arise, these NGOs are the first to respond and last to leave.

A leader who can demonstrate conviction will be more successful. High conviction leaders build quality teams, able to navigate the uncertainty that charities and vulnerable people face and find creative solutions.

Our Approach

We find and carefully select locally-led non-profits with proven results. By partnering with charities, we develop personal relationships to ensure resources have the greatest impact.

Our charity evaluation team provide you with outstanding giving opportunities and engagement; transferring 100% of your donation to the charity partner of your choice.

Donating to the Foundation is similar to using an investment fund to diversify your investments rather than trying to select individual stocks. We distribute your donation to where it will have the greatest impact via multiple partners.

Our giving partners have the opportunity to learn about issues, be involved in the fund distribution process and be as hands on as they desire.

If it’s a priority for you to improve the lives of others, consider becoming a giving partner and donating a meaningful portion of your income. It can help you live up to your values, meet like-minded people, and inspire others to follow suit.