Payton Capital is now part of the HMC Capital group.

We are pleased to share news and information on HMC’s recent acquisition of Payton Capital

Investor Frequently Asked Questions

We are thrilled to announce a major milestone for Payton Capital. HMC Capital, a prominent company listed on the ASX and ranked among the top 200, has acquired 100% of Payton Capital.

HMC Capital is a leading alternative asset manager with a strong reputation in real estate, private equity, digital infrastructure, and energy transition, managing $13 billion in assets for institutional and high-net-worth investors.

Our investors are our priority, and we have prepared a series of frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you have any additional queries, please reach out to your Payton Capital Relationship Manager or contact us directly.

Why has the Payton Capital business been sold, especially whilst in a period of significant growth?2024-07-03T16:14:26+10:00

The sale of the business to HMC Capital will enable Payton to accelerate growth and take advantage of the favourable long term investment fundamentals in Australia real estate credit. The 100% acquisition of the business demonstrates HMC Capital’s high conviction in Payton’s platform and people which will form part of HMC’s broader private credit platform.

As part of a leading Australian Stock Exchange listed company, Payton will benefit from a significantly improved market profile, access to broader pools of capital and greater ability to retain and hire market leading people.

Payton Capital’s continued objective is to be Australia’s leading real estate credit manager.

Who has bought the Payton Capital business?2024-07-03T16:13:25+10:00

HMC Capital, a top 200 ASX listed company, has acquired 100% of Payton Capital.

HMC Capital is a leading alternative asset manager, specialising in real estate, private equity, energy transition, digital infrastructure and private credit.  HMC Capital, manages over $12bn in assets on behalf of institutional and high net worth investors.

HMC is focused on high conviction strategies and the acquisition of Payton is consistent with HMC’s strategy to establish a private credit platform with a broad-based focus and capability.

David Payton has spent considerable time with the HMC Capital business and their team throughout the transaction process, focusing on both their culture and values, to ensure a close alignment.

Will there be any changes to the Payton Capital premium service model?2024-07-03T16:16:24+10:00

At Payton Capital, we take pride in delivering premium service. Our commitment to your experience lies in our ability to offer robust deal flow and access to strong, risk-adjusted returns. To maintain this, we have prioritised continuity within our team and ensured the individuals you work with continue to have the necessary authority and empowerment to make crucial decisions quickly.

These service standards will remain, ensuring that you continue to receive the high-quality service you have come to expect from us.

Are there any changes to leadership of Payton Capital?2024-07-03T15:36:40+10:00

HMC Capital is committed to ensuring a seamless transition post the integration of Payton with HMC’s existing platform. HMC’s focus is on growing the platform and supporting Payton’s current management team.

Does the acquisition of Payton Capital impact existing investment opportunities?2024-07-03T15:57:45+10:00

Payton Capital will continue to provide investors with attractive, risk adjusted investment opportunities, focussing on mid-market borrowers and projects, as we always have.

How does the acquisition of Payton Capital affect the company’s management of lending opportunities?2024-07-03T16:07:23+10:00

The sale will enhance Payton Capital’s relationships with our borrowers, providing enhanced market positioning, with security of capital which will, in turn, generate further investment opportunities for you. We will continue to partner with our borrowers and manage their projects in the same way and with the same credit disciplines that we have in the past.

How does the acquisition of Payton Capital affect the company’s financial position and stability?2024-07-03T16:06:29+10:00

The transaction with HMC Capital significantly improves Payton’s financial position and access to capital. HMC is an ASX 200 company with over $12bn of assets under management and over $1bn of balance sheet liquidity.

How does the acquisition of Payton Capital affect the market positioning?2024-07-03T16:08:15+10:00

The sale is not expected to impact the company’s market position. Payton Capital is committed to maintaining our position as a leading provider of mid-market lending and will continue to focus on partnering with borrowers and in-turn provide risk-adjusted investment opportunities to investors.

Are there any changes to the company’s technology infrastructure or systems?2024-07-03T15:39:49+10:00

With a parent of the calibre and financial strength of HMC Capital, we will see greater investment into our platform, including the company’s technology infrastructure and systems. We will enhance functionality within our Client Portal, for example.

What are the implications for the Payton Foundation?2024-07-03T16:09:51+10:00

The Foundation stands as a cornerstone of our business, a source of pride, and holds significant value for many of our stakeholders. As such, it remains a vital aspect of our operations, and we are committed to upholding its legacy. The transaction has been carefully structured to safeguard the Foundation’s integrity, ensuring its continued impact through amplified support and heightened influence.

Does the acquisition of Payton Capital affect the client manager and support services?2024-07-03T15:51:28+10:00

No, there are no planned changes to Payton Capital’s premium client service and support processes. The same Payton Capital team will be working with you to provide investment opportunities to you and to assist in managing your portfolio. Craig Schloeffel, Head of Investment, will continue in his current role and will be available to all investors for further discussion. Craig will continue to be supported by his dedicated investor services team.

For more information on HMC Capital, visit their website or contact us.

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