Embark on a journey to Thailand unlike any other. Join us on the Payton Foundation Thailand Immersion.

Where: Chang Mai, Thailand.
When: 18th – 26th of September, 2024.
Cost: $3,000 excluding flights.

Going to Thailand to see the need of vulnerable children first-hand is a bit like holding up a mirror. The way you respond will show you who you really are. It’s in the giving that we find ourselves. Your visit to our charity partner is not just a holiday; it’s a transformative experience that inspires and uplifts.“ Jason Pater.

Discover ZOE

Today there are approximately 40.3 million people enslaved. 26% are children.

Embark on a journey to Thailand unlike any other. ZOE Child Rescue prevent, rescue and restore child trafficking survivors; they have rescued and restored the lives of hundreds of children and this is your opportunity to witness the impact firsthand.

You will have the opportunity to visit the ZOE facility in Thailand, which includes Child protection Centre and Vocational Training program. You will also see child rescue team in action and visit a remote town to witness their trafficking prevention program.

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Your Chance to Make a Difference

The team go to great lengths to host us. We aim to reciprocate their kindness and generosity by offering something in return. Prior to the trip, travellers are encouraged to raise funds to support child trafficking survivors. We suggest a target of $3,000 each.

The Payton Foundation will assist you in setting up a fundraising page to facilitate tax-deductible, online giving. Every contribution will make a difference in the lives of these children.

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