Payton sources and assesses loans on behalf of both the Payton Select Investment Fund (the Select Fund) and the Payton Pooled Investment Fund (the Pooled Fund). Upon acceptance of your application form and receipt of investment funds, Payton will issue you with either cash units in the Select Fund or pool units in the Pooled Fund, depending on your chosen investment.

If you choose to invest in the Select Fund, we will offer you investment opportunities that align with your preferred product type.

Once you select the investment you wish to invest in, your cash units will convert to loan units in that specific loan investment.

Payton will take care of all the work for you by dealing directly with the borrowers, valuers, solicitors and other consultants.

If you choose to invest in the Pooled Fund, you will the retain pool units in the account you choose until they are redeemed by you.

The Pooled Fund is open-ended, meaning there is no fixed maturity date.