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Who is The Babes Project?

The Babes Project provides support to young women having a crisis pregnancy ensuring they are connected to essential services and providing the social, emotional and practical support they need. The crisis might arise because they are teenage mums, or experiencing family violence or have mental health issues or involved in drugs/alcohol abuse.  The Babes Project support these women from the beginning of their pregnancy through to 12 months after birth (the peri-natal period).  The Pregnancy Support Centre in Croydon opened in 2012 and Frankston opened in 2015. Over 400 women across Victoria have been supported through their pregnancy and early parenting journey and this community continues to grow.

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Why are we partnering?

Women having a crisis pregnancy are in a vulnerable situation and The Payton Foundation exists to support the vulnerable in society.  Through a long-standing relationship between Payton and the founders of this organisation we have been able to see first hand the impact their programs have had on the lives of young women in Australia.  We have provided support for their program for secondary school education and outreach to support young mothers who are still in the process of completing their schooling.  

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What are we currently working on?

Smart phone app:  We have just funded the development of an iphone application for pregnant/new mums to record their baby journey and access helpful information.  Check it out in the App Store.   The next step is to add features to enable it to be used to deliver the entire Babes Project program.  This will enable delivery of the service in places where a mum can’t access one of their centres.  The budget for V2.0 is $35,000 (including an Android version). 

Growth:  They plan to open new centres in Sunshine (Melbourne’s West) and Redfern (Sydney).  IT will cost $365,000 pa to operate each centre.  

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How can you partner with us?

If you’d like to donate to the Foundation to support our partners, you can make a direct deposit as per the details below.  We value your support and we’re excited to have you on board through this journey.

To make a donation, please transfer using the account details below:

                          Tax deductible:                                               Not tax deductible:
Name:               Payton Foundation Fund                                Payton Foundation Limited
BSB:                   633 000                                                        633 000
Acc:                   161 570 999                                                 161 161 971

Reference:         Your surname.

Receipt:              Send an email at with your name and address details so we can send you the appropriate receipt.

Get involved

If you’ve been inspired to support this project, please get in touch with the Foundation’s CEO, Jason Pater, to find out more:

Phone: +61 (0)419 391 790


Phone: (03) 9866 5811

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Level 27, 60 City Road
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