Who is Zoe?

Zoe Child RescueZOE Child Rescue are dedicated to abolishing child trafficking in Thailand through awareness and prevention, rescue and rehabilitation, and survivor and community empowerment initiatives.

Their goal is to abolishing child trafficking in Thailand; rescuing children from human traffickers and providing them with opportunities and support for a new path and future.

ZOE is a member of anti-trafficking task forces and multidisciplinary teams uniting personnel from law enforcement, military, social welfare, legal services, and community agencies.

When a rescued child is taken to ZOE, they begin their restoration journey. Children are placed in a safe home where they receive medical care, counseling, education, vocational training, and unconditional love.

Zoe’s operations include:

  • aftercare to 115 children;
  • accommodation for up to 250 children;
  • rehabilitation and counselling;
  • two safe houses for short-term specialized care and witness protection; and
  • educational and vocational programs

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Why are we partnering?

It’s hard to believe that in today’s society, slavery is more prevalent than at any time in history.

Zoe Child Rescue

Nefarious characters will visit villages in Myanmar and Laos and convince starving families that their child will be educated and given a job in the city and that they will be able to send money back home.

Typically, these children end up in forced labour on fishing boats, enforced begging in cities or forced prostitution and the families never see their children again.

People are not goods that can be bought and sold; We are partnering with Zoe to see an end to this criminal activity and destruction of life.

Find out more at gozoe.org.au

What are we currently working on?

The Entrust Foundation, a friend of the Payton Foundation is partnering with Zoe to deliver a prevention program, educating those vulnerable in villages. We have been supporting the Zoe team to:

  1. Deliver Vocational Training
    We are partnering with Zoe to equip rescued child trafficking victims through their Vocational Training Program. The program works with children who cannot attend regular school because they are still in danger or witness protection or have never attended school and will not thrive in that environment. Over 9 weeks, these children are equipped with the skills they need to access jobs, reducing their vulnerability to re-trafficking. This vital work costs $13,750 per quarter.
  2. Reduce re-trafficking during Covid-19
    Due to Covid-19, many of the children that graduated the program are unable to work and some have lost their jobs, leaving them vulnerable to re-trafficking. They need some short-term assistance. $35 provides one week of food, accommodation and support to ensure the safety of these young people.
  3. Rescue children from slavery
    With the support of our Giving Partners, we have been able to support Zoe’s work to rescue children from slavery and support their restorative journey. $472.50 per month provides the funds to care for a child trafficking survivor.

If you are interested in helping establish an endowment fund for Zoe, please contact us.

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