Who are Kids Hope?

Kids HopeKids Hope train and guide mentors from local churches and connect them with local primary schools for one-to-one mentoring of vulnerable children. Each mentor is only allocated one child which ensures the child feels special.

Their program builds resilience, confidence, overall well-being and transformation in lives of vulnerable children; benefiting the child, school, family and community.

Currently in 5% of the public primary schools in Australia and 10% in Victoria; Kids Hope have a waiting list of Schools and children in need of this transformational program.

Kids Hope is Australia’s largest early intervention, school-based mentoring program. It has been impacting the lives of children in Australian schools since 2004.

Kids Hope

Over that time thousands of disadvantaged children have been matched with mentors in primary schools.

Caring relationships with mentors have a significant impact on children because they help to meet their emotional and social development needs and enhance their capacity to learn.

Kids Hope mentored children consistently show increased self-esteem, confidence and resilience.

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Why support them?

Children across Australia are experiencing life and family situations that are causing stresses like never before.

Sadly, as a result, anxiety, depression, and self-destructive behaviour have reached our primary school children and teachers are feeling overwhelmed and under-resourced to deal with the growing problems.

In response to this growing concern, Kids Hope is providing early intervention mentoring and positive role-modelling to vulnerable children.

By impacting the life of a vulnerable child in primary school, you can alter the trajectory of their learning and of their life experience.

Kids Hope currently have a wait list of Schools and children in need of this transformational program. We want to ensure those children are able to access this support.

How can you help?

Help vulnerable children thrive by providing ongoing support for their program to continue and grow.

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