Who is The Babes Project?

The Babes ProjectEvery woman needs support, knowledge and an understanding ally to thrive in her motherhood. The Babes Project empowers vulnerable mothers to face their fears, tears and challenges, through pregnancy and the first crucial year of baby’s life.

The team support vulnerable women in the perinatal period; ensuring they are connected to essential services and providing the social, emotional and practical support they need.

The Babes Project works with women facing crisis and challenging pregnancies. Crisis might arise because they are teenage mums, or experiencing family violence or have mental health issues or involved in drugs/alcohol abuse.

Their proven perinatal program is delivered by trained and experienced volunteers and supports these women from the beginning of their pregnancy through to 12 months after birth.

By addressing the challenges she faces and allowing space for her to create a future for herself and her children, the team have seen women thrive in their early parenting, leading to positive outcomes for their family.

The Pregnancy Support Centre in Croydon opened in 2012, Frankston Centre opened in 2015 and the Cairns Centre opened in 2019. Through their app, podcast and online labour education the team continue to increase their support of vulnerable mothers throughout Australia.

Why are we partnering?

Women having a crisis pregnancy are in a vulnerable situation and The Payton Foundation exists to support the vulnerable in society.

How can we Help?

Through a long-standing relationship between Payton and the founders of this organisation we have been able to see first-hand the impact their programs have on the lives of young women in Australia.

We have provided support for their program for secondary school education and outreach to support young mothers who are still in the process of completing their schooling.

How can you help?

We continue to partner with the Babes Project to provide support to women having a crisis pregnancy; ensuring they are connected to essential services and providing the social, emotional and practical support they need.

  1. Employ a midwife for one year – $25,000
    Mums KissA midwife is needed on a part time basis to support pregnant women across the two Victorian centres. This will ensure these expectant mums can access up-to-date information about birth, in a safe environment, where they can ask questions and prepare for the birth of their baby.
  2. Provide support for a Mum and her bub
    Help give children the best start possible in life. It costs $700 to support a woman through her pregnancy. This includes access to education, workshops, and baby items. It costs $400 to support a woman and her newborn postnatally. This includes social support groups, workshops and parenting advice.
  3. Employ an Indigenous support worker for one year – $18,000
    There is a high number of Indigenous women seeking support in the Far North Queensland region, where they face isolation and significant challenges. An Indigenous support worker would be pivotal to helping these mums and bubs thrive.
  4. Purchase a gift from the Babes Shop
    Profit from every purchase from the babes shop goes directly towards supporting vulnerable women and children facing difficult circumstances. So shop for loved ones and feel good all at once!
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