Who are Evolve Help Ukraine?

Evolve Help UkraineNataliya Osipova and Andrey Osipov, are a Russian-Ukrainian couple from Melbourne, Australia. When the war in Ukraine started on Feb 24th, 2022, they received a call from a couple 5 months pregnant, needing to get out.

They agreed to help, supported them to apply for the appropriate paperwork and get on a plane to Australia.

Word got out and within the first 3 – 4 weeks of the war beginning they had accommodated 150 people.

Today, Evolve Help Ukraine are supporting over 800 displaced people from Ukraine to rebuild their lives in Australia.

The team help with practical and financial needs to support displaced Ukrainians to gain long-term accommodation, employment and community connection. They assist with:

  • Emergency accommodation
  • Employment and job pathways
  • Food, Clothing, Household necessities
  • English lessons
  • Social connections, Kids programs, welcome hub and bible studies
  • Financial support for Visas, Medical needs and Education
  • Camps
  • Psychological therapy services to process and grieve their experience in Ukraine

Why support them?

Evolve Help UkraineMillions of refugees from Ukraine have crossed borders into neighbouring countries and many more have been forced to move inside the country. They are in need of protection and support.

For many of the families supported by Evolve Help Ukraine, their husbands are still in Ukraine fighting the war. They have left their families, homes and possessions behind. Their vulnerability to exploitation can not be overstated.

How can you help?

Can you provide accommodation, employment or help?

Through our community of generous supporters, we are working on building a pool of funds to respond to critical needs in realtime.

Contact us to be one of our Evolve supporters, receiving e-mailed updates of financial needs as they arise.

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