Watoto is a church in downtown Kampala (Uganda) which has been supporting orphaned children for over 20 years.  They have 3 villages across Uganda housing and educating up to 1500 children each.  8 children and 1 mama live in 3 bedroom homes set in beautiful landscaped grounds in each village.  This is their family unit until the children are ready to become independent. 

As 85% of Uganda’s population is under the age of 30, there are many people now having children who are unable to financially support them and have had no model of parenting.  In many cases these babies are abandoned.  Watoto is now rescuing these kids and providing homes and families for them.  


Why are we partnering?

In the words of Vivien, one of the program graduates, “Watoto is a place where vulnerable women are redeemed.”   The program empowers women by teaching them to read, write, care for their children and a practical skill to enable them to earn a living.  All of these things restore her dignity.  

Having visited Kampala and met with the leadership and toured their facilities, we are thoroughly impressed with their professionalism, integrity and ability to deliver high quality care for the vulnerable in Uganda.  We also had the privilege of meeting some of the women who have just joined the program, in their homes, and seeing first hand the poverty they are trying to break free from. They need our help.  

The most impacting thing about Watoto is that it is a microcosm of God’s plan of redemption for all people.  You can see and experience God’s heart for his children.   It’s transformational.

What are we currently working on?

With their Neighbourhood program, Watoto are finding ways to help mentor mothers who are living in extreme conditions and teach them life skills as well as practical skills to earn a living.  The program includes:

  1. Life skills and discipleship
  2. Adult literacy
  3.  Trauma Rehabilitation 
  4.  Business Skills training
  5. Income generating activities
  6. Keep a girl in school

How can you partner with us?

If you’d like to donate to the Foundation to support our partners, you can make a direct deposit as per the details below.  We value your support and we’re excited to have you on board through this journey.

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Get involved

If you’ve been inspired to support this project, please get in touch with the Foundation’s CEO, Jason Pater, to find out more:

Email: jason.pater@payton.com.au
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