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Who is Ruel Foundation?

Making a better life for children in the Philippines. 

Ruel Foundation have three Children’s Crisis Centres – caring for the most impoverished children in the world and those subjected to other life-threatening situations such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, orphaned or abandoned. 


Located in Capalan City, Romblon and Sorsogon in South Luzon, the team at Ruel see a huge number of children in with serious physical and emotional distress; and work to bring them health, healing and improved quality of life by providing them with free surgeries, medical care and education.


The Ruel Foundation works closely with local authorities to help rescue children that are close to death from starvation or abuse. In many cases they just provide milk powder to assist a family in getting a child’s weight up, however, in some cases this is not enough. The local health authorities refer children to the crisis centre to be cared for until the child is strong enough to return to their family or be placed for adoption. This can take from three months to several years.


When children are accepted into the crisis centre, the team work hard to provide comfort, dignity and spiritual strength to both the child and immediate family. Families share their deep gratitude for giving their children a chance when no one else would.


Earlier this year Ruel took over a property in Sorsogon, strategically placed to care for children in desperate need. The team have a vision to see this facility become their largest children’s crisis centre. But the first step is to get the doors opened. Until they can employ a social worker to care for up to 20 children, this facility remains unused.  


Why are we partnering?

31.4% of children in the Philippines live below the poverty line, 33% are stunted due to malnutrition and 8 in 10 Filipino children experience some form of violence, including physical, psychological, sexual or online abuse.

In that context, the Ruel Foundation’s provision of safety, care and hope is a lifeline; caring for the most impoverished children in the world, bringing them health, healing, spiritual strength and improved quality of life. 


What are we currently working on?

1. Combating Starvation:
Covid-19 is having a diabolical effect on the Philippines. People are hungry and will soon be at the point of starvation.

The most vulnerable people in Mindoro are the “Mangyan Tribal People”. They are the poorest of the poor, isolated and shunned by the general Filipino society. The live in the mountain areas, have a very high maternal death rate and low life expectancy. Their main source of income is from working as a farm labour or rice worker. They live on a day to day basis. Due to the lockdown, they are no longer able to work to provide food for the day and there is no public transport.

We are working with the Ruel Foundation to provide a lifeline to this community, extending their service to combat the threat of starvation.

Together we have provided five days worth of food for 1,750 Mangyan people and counting!

2. Supporting their team:
In the midst of their Covid-19, the staff also need to be cared for so that they can care for others. 
We are working with the Ruel Foundation to ensure staff have access to food, counselling and support.  


Phone: (03) 9866 5811

Head Office

Level 27, 60 City Road
Southbank VIC 3006 Australia