Mama Obed's Children's Home


Who is Mama Obed's?

After the Kenyan national elections in 2007, there were riots that killed so many adults that 30,000 children were orphaned overnight.

Pastor Joseph Mbeti, of the Word of Faith Church in Kiambu (Nairobi), leapt into action and gathered up 21 at risk kids and set them up in basic tin shed accommodation on a plot of land belonging to the church.  It was rough but it was safe and the kids were being fed.  

He then set about ensuring they were educated and upgrading their accomodation.  With the help of a Church group from Finland, they have constructed a 3 storey facility configured into 14 x 3 bedroom apartments which house a family unit of 4 boys, 4 girls and 1 mama each.  This meets the UN’s guidelines.  3 apartments are fully commissioned and they are slowly fitting out the remainder as funds allow.


Why are we partnering?

These children are orphaned through no fault of their own, in a country that does not have a social welfare system to catch them.  They will fall through the cracks unless a group like Word of Faith church in Nairobi cares for them.  But they need funding.  

Our mission is to look after the poor and the vulnerable, wherever they are.  We know we can’t help every child, but we will help those whom God has put in our path.  For us that’s the children at Mama Obed’s.  In 2012 Payton Foundation visited Kenya and was introduced to Pastor Joseph and the children and felt compelled to help.


What are we currently working on?

We are working with Pastor Joseph (who has chicken farming experience) to create a chicken farming enterprise at the children’s home (where there is plenty of space), to provide long term sustainable income to fund, accommodation, food, clothing and education.  

3 sheds have been built since mid-2017 and are now successfully growing 10,000 chickens every 6 weeks.  We are looking for partners to help fund the AUD $30,000 required to build another 3 sheds.  This should provide enough income to sustain the operating costs of the orphanage.

As donations can sometimes do more psychological harm than good, we are providing funds in the way of interest-free loans, with principal repayments coming from profits of the chicken farming enterprise.  We intend to re-cycle the funds into future projects so we are always building the facilities for the kids. 


Phone: (03) 9866 5811

Head Office

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