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Sally Burgoyne, is a Director of the Payton Foundation and Investor Services Manager at Payton Capital.  She has committed to walk the Kokoda trail in August to raise money for disabled children in Papua New Guinea.  This is a pretty tough undertaking, and Sally has committed to several hours of walking and strength training each day for the 3 month lead up to the trip.  Supporters will receive regular updates of her training and progress during the two week trek.  While over there she will be visiting many of the centres where the children are being cared for.

Sally’s target is $25,000.  That’s just 5 people giving $5,000 each (details below).  

Visually impaired

Why are we partnering?

There are over 400,000 disabled children in Papua New Guinea (in particular with sight or hearing impairment). Callan Services foster access to high-quality education and health care and provide an opportunity for these children to be more fully included in society.  Without specialised training, teachers would not be able to provide them with the education they need. 

Last year, Callan Services helped 589 girls, 787 boys, 179 women and 248 men with disabilities.


What are we currently working on?

Funds raised will go through the Edmund Rice Foundation (Australia) to Callan Services (in PNG) which provides high level training for carers dealing with eye and ear services, physio-therapy and child protection services, for disabled children through its 21 centres around PNG.  

They also work on getting school facilities, curriculum and teaching methods upgraded to meet the needs of disabled children so they can go to school with the all the other kids.

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How you can give

If you’d like to support our Sally, you can make a direct deposit as per the details below.  We value your support and we’re excited to have you on board through this journey.

To make a donation, please transfer using the account details below:

                          Tax deductible:                                              
Name:               Payton Foundation Fund                                
BSB:                   633 000                                                        
Acc:                   161 570 999                                                 

Reference:        Your surname.

Receipt:             Send an email at jason.pater@payton.com.au with your name and address details so we can send you the appropriate receipt.

If you prefer to pay by credit card you can do so at Sal’s EverydayHero page.

Get involved

If you’ve been inspired to support this project, please get in touch with the Foundation’s CEO, Jason Pater, to find out more:

Email: jason.pater@payton.com.au
Phone: +61 (0)419 391 790


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