How to Give


How can you give?

Would you like to make the Foundation part of your giving strategy?   If you are a Payton Capital client, why not consider giving a percentage of your interest returns to the Foundation on a regular basis or at settlement?  Payton Capital gives 20% of it’s dividends to the Foundation each quarter, talk to us about what can you do?

To make a gift, please transfer using the account details below:

                          Tax deductible:                                               Not tax deductible:

Name:               Payton Foundation Fund                                Payton Foundation Limited
BSB:                   633 000                                                        633 000
Acc:                   161 570 999                                                 161 161 971

Email to notify us of the gift amount and provide your name and address details so we can issue a tax receipt.  NB:  All of our admin costs are covered by Payton Capital’s funding so 100% of your gifts will go directly to our supported projects.

Do you have a giving strategy?

There are so many good causes worthy of our support, that sometimes the choice is so overwhelming we simply don’t do anything.  Why not take a different approach and plan your giving each year? 

First, decide how much you want give and when, then you can take your time and work out who you want to give to. Planning puts you in control and turns guilt and obligation into a joyful experience.

Our giving philosophy

At Payton, we believe that as your personal wealth increases it is important to increase
your giving at least commensurately.  By increasing your giving, you maintain a
thankful life perspective, you increase in love and you expand your heart. Without
intentionally growing your heart in this way, it may become narrower and more fearful
and your life less colourful.  Giving is good for you.

Why should you partner?

We see ourselves as partners rather than donors. Donations alone may establish the donor as more superior than the recipient and create dependency. But when you partner you place yourself on the same level as the recipient, and with sustainable goals you can empower real transformation.  

Consider becoming a Foundation Partner by committing to at least $5,000 pa.  You can pay monthly/qtrly/annually as you like, but your ongoing commitment will enable us to commit to long term projects with confidence.

Interested in an immersion trip?

If you are interested in seeing the need first hand and immersing yourself in the culture and issues and getting to know the people, then talk to us about an immersion trip.

We are currently in planning for a trip to Thailand later in the year and Africa in 2020.

Want to take your giving to the next level?

If you are interested in setting up your own foundation, we can help you with that and the ongoing administration and management as well.  

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Payton Foundation Fund (Public Ancillary Fund)

The Payton Foundation Fund is a Public Ancillary Fund registered with the ACNC and ATO and is a Deductible Gift Recipient (from 5 July 2017).  That means that Gifts/Donations over $2 are tax deductible.  Donations received in this fund will only be applied to partner organisations who are also Deductible Gift Recipients.

100% of all donations will be passed through to partner organisations.  Admin costs of the Foundation are borne by the trustee: Payton Foundation Ltd.

ABN  59 273 252 003

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Payton Foundation Ltd (Trustee)

Payton Foundation Ltd is a company limited by guarantee and is a charity in it’s own right registered with the ACNC and has Tax Concession Charity status with the ATO, but is NOT a deductible gift recipient.  It also acts as trustee for the Public Ancillary Fund.

It was established in 2014 when Payton Capital Ltd gifted it 20% of its shares.  The dividends from these shares are used to fund the administration of the trustee and the Public Ancillary Fund, and also fund work with partner organisations who are not themselves deductible gift recipients.

ABN  18 154 771 801

Jason Pater - Foundation CEO

Governing board

David Payton    (Director/Chairman)

Tim Payton         (Director/Founder)

Rob Fellows       (Director) 

Sally Burgoyne  (Director)

Jason Pater        (Director/CEO – Foundation)

Jason is a Chartered Accountant with extensive practice, corporate and board experience.  He has been on boards of numerous charities for most of his career including the Safe Harbour Foundation and Bendigo Bank Community Bank branches.  Jason brings a focus on governance and diligence as well as a heart for those in need.

Get involved

If you’ve been inspired to support the Foundation, please get in touch with our CEO, Jason Pater, to find out more:

Phone: +61 (0)419 391 790


Phone: (03) 9866 5811

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