Who are CHIPS?

Christians Helping in Primary Schools (CHIPS) CHIPS works with primary aged children in crisis to help them feel calm, connected and able to engage in their learning.

Through a trauma informed approach, CHIPS works with children, their families, school community and other local agencies to help establish on-going family support.

For some kids, home is not a safe place. CHIPS are mobilising to respond to the emotional and social needs of children during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Providing families in isolation with home activity packs, mental health resources for kids and remote access to Chaplains. The team have also developed materials to aid teachers while they work from home.

CHIPS’ programs range from:

  • Life Gets Better Camps for children who have gone through trauma, grief, divorce or loss;
  • iBelong Program for children (including those with a disability) to help build confidence, team work and break poor behavioural cycles;
  • in-school programs for children to address issues such as bullying, friendship difficulties, anger management, stress, anxiety and more;
  • School Support Seminars for school staff, parents, students and volunteers (all tailored to meet specific needs);
  • events for families to build community connection, Christmas Hampers for Life Gets Better families and many fun and exciting family fundraising events.

Why are we partnering?

Christians Helping in Primary Schools (CHIPS)More than two thirds of children report experiencing a traumatic event by age 16; negatively impacting on their physical and mental health, learning development and connection to the community.

The region they are based in has consistently had the highest number of reported family violence incidents in Victoria.

CHIPS are helping to restore these hurting, troubled children and their families who have experienced trauma, grief or loss in their lives; transforming the trajectory of their life.

What are we currently working on?

Following reports of a rise in Domestic Violence during lockdowns, CHIPS are looking out for the welfare of children (who no longer have the safety of school) and their families; providing remote access to Chaplains, home activity packs, mental health resources for kids and materials to aid teachers working for home.

In a one-week period during the covid-19 crisis, the Chaplains organised practical help and walked alongside.

  1. A teacher seeking help with violence in their home
  2. Hundreds of families struggling with lockdown at home
  3. Family grieving the death of a child through cancer 
  4. Siblings coping with the suicide of a brother
  5. A child grieving the loss of his uncle who is a policeman
  6. A principal grieving a close relative
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