Who is Bridge It?

Charity - BridgeItBridge It are an innovative charity creating and providing housing solutions for those at risk of homelessness or living with a disability.

They tackle homelessness and housing stress in a fresh way, by connecting people with supports at home and in their community.

Bridge It aims to break the cycle of homelessness by addressing the key drivers of homelessness: lack of affordable housing and lack of connection and support.

They do this by creating innovative housing solutions that focus on the idea of a home rather than house.

A home is somewhere safe, comfortable, welcoming. More than a roof over your head, a home is a sanctuary and how it feels impacts the rest of your life.

BridgeIt Condo

Bridge It evolved from Home Share Melbourne, a successful social enterprise run by HANZA Inc. Their residential programs are delivered in partnership with Housing First Ltd.

Homes Connect (formerly Home Share Melbourne), provides housing and connection for people living with disabilities.

The disability program is self-funded utilising NDIS funds.

The Cocoon and The Sanctuary offer homes to 23 women in newly renovated apartments in St Kilda.

The housing program combines ‘bricks and mortar’ accommodation with ongoing practical support, to create homes for woman experiencing homelessness.

The Sanctuary combines housing and support to enable women to live fulfilling and connected lives; supporting women living with a disability, aged over 25 and have experienced or are at risk of homelessness.


The Cocoon provides housing and support to young women aged 18 and 25 who are facing homelessness. The Cocoon will support these women to transition into independent, dignified, and connected living.

Onsite youth mentors living at the property help create a therapeutic community with wrap around supports including access to training, education, employment wellbeing and living skills sessions.

The young women will be supported to transition into long term housing at the end of their 12-month stay.

Why are we partnering?

Homelessness is increasing and the rise is greatest in the inner areas of big cities. The economic upheaval of rolling lockdowns in Victoria due to Covid 19 has exacerbated the challenge.

In Australia, 8.3% of people accessing specialist homelessness services in 2019 had a disability. 24% of people experiencing homelessness are aged 12 -24.

Often those who experience homelessness in youth go on to remain homeless long term.

The 2019 Victorian Inquiry into Homelessness estimated the cost of youth homelessness to be $626 million per year. Intervening early saves money in the long run.

Bridge It are committed to finding innovative solutions that bring an end to homelessness.

Home Share - flatmates

Their model will show that well supported, therapeutic and trauma informed responses which combine housing and support can have long term impacts on homelessness.

By partnering with Bridge It, we can help grow this effective and sustainable model where participants are transformed by the experience.

How can you help?

There are a number of ways you can help ensure people have more than a roof over their head.

  1. Enable volunteering and donations – $38,515 needed
    Bridge It would greatly benefit from the creation of the new role of – Engagement Officer. There has been an overwhelming desire from community members to give donations of items such as beds and to volunteer their time.Managing donations and volunteers is something which there is not existing capacity for within the current team.
  2. Provide an onsite mentor for people living at the Cocoon – $10,000 needed
    The onsite mentor helps create a safe and supportive living environment, supporting residents in their transition to independent living. This role is pivotal in helping people develop life skills.
  3. Provide a therapy room – $5,000 needed
    Help create a therapeutic space that residents can choose to access at any time. The therapy room will help to create a safe space, provide opportunities to engage in prevention and crisis de-escalation strategies and promote self-care/self-nurturance, resilience & recovery.
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