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Who can you trust?

11 May 2021

When we see suffering and injustice, we all want to make a difference.

How can you sure that your support will help?

Spontaneous giving decisions are often driven by emotional pressures and unconscious biases rather than sound logic and good research.  Like any investment, we need to do our homework.

  • Does their model of support actually work and are they getting results?
  • Is this the best charity to carry out this work?  Are they duplicating an existing program?
  • Are they connected to the community?   Are they partnering with others?
  • Is it sustainable?  Not necessarily funding, but also delivery of the program.
  • Does the program empower people?
  • What is their motivation?
  • Have they got all the right registrations and insurances in place? 
  • Are they financially well managed?  Staff, processes, controls, reports.
  • What is their Governance and accountability structure?
  • Are they on a growth trajectory?
  • Do they have high conviction leaders who can deliver the vision?
  • Have they got the expertise/capacity they need?
  • What are the impediments to their success?
  • Would our support be meaningful?  Will it help them grow or scale?  You also want to make sure the support is not too much that is overwhelms the organisation.  Is your support seeding a new program or supporting ongoing operations?  Are your conditions appropriate to the organisation or will it place undue burden on them.
  • Is this the most effective way of donating?  Some initiatives require seed funding, while other initiatives require sustained, predictable support. Consider what you are hoping to achieve through your donation and the best format to provide your support.
  • Would they benefit from your expertise/experience, or your networks?

Evaluating charities and identifying the most effective among them involves a lot of research and time. We only work with evidence-based charities who demonstrate impact, leadership and accountability.  Our due diligence and ongoing relationship and support, means you can be confident that your donations will help transform lives.

If you would like support to achieve your philanthropic goals, our team at the Payton Foundation would love to hear from you.